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        Internet Entertainment

        The "New Vision of National Entertainment" is based on our smart hardware and consumer business and carried by Funshion, FUN OS and Fun.TV Inside, providing multi-screen and multi-field cultural and entertainment services to users around the world.


        Based on Funshion's more than ten years' accumulation of online video streaming technology and IP, we deliver high-quality video entertainment services to over 700 million users worldwide via website, mobile APP etc.

        FUN OS

        FUN OS provides a variety of services such as platform operation, content operation, application store, value-added service, marketing etc. via FunTV and third-party branded TV. It brings happiness to tens of millions of Chinese families and promote the platform operation and monetization of Internet TV.

        Fun.tv Inside

        Facing the fast growing short-form video market, Fun.tv Inside provides customized services such as IP creation, content marketing, content operation, content publication etc. Fun.tv Inside is committed to delivering high-quality entertaining short-form videos covering different categories and offering advertisers with tailor-made short-form video marketing solutions.